Group A - Standard Cardboard Coffins and standard printed range

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Our cleverly constructed, traditionally shaped cardboard coffin manufactured from Corrugated cardboard. We recommend a maximum load of 25 stone (163kg).

Getting Involved

Some of our customers prefer to have a more 'hands on' approach with the design and decoration. We offer a lily white basic cardboard coffin that can be decorated by the family and loved ones.

Cardboard Coffin Accessories – Liners

A Crem film liner is fitted as standard and is predominantly used for cremations. Calico liners and natural rope handles are used to ensure maximum biodegradability for Cardboard coffins and are predominantly used for burials and Woodland burials.

Crem film lining and cardboard headrest

Crem film lining with a satin frill and cardboard headrest

Calico lining and cardboard headrest

Calico lining with a cotton frill and cotton pillow

Cardboard Coffin Accessories – Handle options

Yorkrem Brass set (shown with matching wreath holder and nameplate)

Fleur Brass set (shown with matching wreath holder and nameplate)

Natural rope (shown with standard printed nameplate)

Load bearing natural rope - Can be used to lift our maximum recommended load and is predominantly used when families are carrying.

Natural rope - Decorative purposes only.

Yorkrem - Decorative purposes only.

Fleur - Decorative purposes only.

*Yorkrem and Fleur handles are shown in Brass (EB) they are also available in Nickel Plate (NP).

Cardboard Coffin Accessories – Printed Nameplate

These are examples of nameplate borders that can be used on any of our pictorial range. Any border can be created and inserted into a stock pictorial or bespoke design.

Cardboard Coffin Accessories – Ash Caskets

Cardboard Coffin Accessories – Scatter Tubes