Client feedback and testimonials for our coffins

  • cardboard coffin, personalised designer and tribute coffins for woodland, humanist, green services
  • Cardboard, wicker and wooden coffins for woodland, humanist and DIY Funeral Services
  • cardboard coffin, personalised designer and tribute coffins for woodland, humanist, green services
  • Cardboard, wicker and wooden coffins for woodland, humanist and DIY Funeral Services
  • cardboard coffin, personalised designer and tribute coffins for woodland, humanist, green services
  • Cardboard, wicker and wooden coffins, woodland, humanist and DIY Funeral Services
  • Cardboard, wicker and wooden coffins, woodland, humanist and DIY Funeral Services
  • cardboard, wicker and wooden coffins for green, woodland and humanist services, Greenfield Creations
  • cardboard coffin, personalised designer and tribute coffins for woodland, humanist, green and funeral services
  • cardboard, wicker and wooden coffins for green, woodland and humanist services, Greenfield Creations

"Thank you so much for your calmness and kindness to Paula and myself in such difficult times. Your kindness was so appreciated."

Gerold and Paula McAuley

"Just to say thank you very much for your kindness, very much appreciated at a very difficult time."

Jenny, Neil

"Thank you thank you.

We have just been to see Dad today in his army coffin and it is truly Wonderful. We are so pleased with your Creation it could not be any better, Just perfect. He would be so pleased with it as he was a soldier for 33 years and a Brave man. The funeral is on Thursday 4th October and we can not wait for all his Army pals to see him back in 'uniform' again.

The funeral was wonderful, we were so Proud to see our Dad back in his uniform. His Army Pals were amazed and all asked for your details saying they had truly never seen a coffin as perfect.

We had the Last Post played, with a British Legion retired Soldier Lowering the Flag.

A very memorable day.

Thanks again."

"I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for Nathan's wonderful coffin. It was quite simply stunning and I know Nathan loved it to bits.

Thank you incredibly. Over 600 people came to his funeral and police needed to direct the traffic! He was a very popular, wonderful man.

Thank you."

"My Mum has asked that I pass on her gratitude to you and everyone involved in creating a perfect and befitting tribute for my late Father. I know, given my Dads views on the environment and the need to preserve natural resources and his commitment to recycling, that he would have thoroughly approved."


"Thank you very much for a very smooth service. The coffin was exactly what my Mum would've 'chosen' and we were amazed at the detail and finish of your product (there were many enquiries as to where we had bought it from too – I passed on your details). Thank you once again for your excellent service at a very sensitive time."


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support and service with regards to the coffin purchased from Greenfield Creations. I will email you some pictures but you will have to have the mental image of me transporting the decorated coffin from my house to the hospital and the neighbours' faces watching me. Priceless! My Dad would have had tears in his eyes from laughing. You have made an awful time, bearable. Thank you."


"Thank you very much for your kind assistance in a difficult time. The bluebell forest coffin was truly beautiful and I know my Father would have loved it as much as he loved walking in nature when he was alive. Everyone commented on how beautiful it was and the Funeral Director said it was really well made and I have given her your contact details. I wouldn't hesitate in suggesting your company for great service and a great product. Many thanks again."


"I have to write and thank you for my husbands' coffin. The birds on it were excellent and the high gloss was beautiful. So many people commented that it made them smile and think of my husband. We had no flowers, my husband never liked them and you really don't need them with such a great coffin. Many of my friends asked where I got it from, maybe more orders will come to Wales. Many thanks."


"I recently purchased a Cardboard coffin called 'Lakeside' for my Fathers' funeral. I would just like to express my thanks for such a beautiful coffin. People who knew my Father thought it to be very appropriate for him. It certainly brought lots of smiles to people at this very sad time."


"First of all I'd like to extend my thanks to you and your colleagues at Greenfield Creations for supplying a beautiful floral cardboard coffin for my Mothers' funeral which took place on Friday. We were happy with the coffin and it was a pleasure dealing with such a professional and efficient team at such a difficult time."


"We visited Brighton yesterday and saw our box, which is perfect!! Thank you for working with us and making this something that David would have wanted. We also took lots of photos, as you suggested, and will keep these very close to us. Thank you once again."


"I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and my family for all the effort put in by yourselves to complete this project on time."


"Thank you for all your help and advice, we were very pleased with all your service."


“I would like to thank you so much for the service you provided my family and I after the tragic and sudden death of my husband on 27th December. The coffin which was the dark brown basic one with rope handles was perfect. The whole family painted + decorated it with stickers and things that represented his life. After the funeral lots of people commented on how unusual it was to have one like it, people don’t realise you can arrange your own funerals. It was what both my husband and I wanted, so thank you very much. I will recommend you and probably use you again when it is my turn! Best wishes.”


“Just to say a huge thank you. The funeral went very well and everybody made positive comments about the Ma-in-laws coffin. It was really very nice, no, beautiful. She would have loved it. My wife was over the moon about it. It may sound perverse but it made her day that she could do that for her Mum. Thank you so much for your help and allowing us to realise our vision of what we believe she would have wanted. I have only praise for you and the company and would recommend you unreservedly. I will send my measurements for your records for the future. It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with you. Kindest regards and affection.”


“Thank you, the family were delighted with the coffin and there were many comments at the crematorium. I would like to thank you for your excellent assistance. The colours were perfect as were the pictures.”

M.L.Williams - Funeral Directors

“Thank you for your service, dignity + respect. It was great to have found someone able to help with our last wishes.”


“Thank you. The coffin was perfect, especially after a 48 hour “decorating party”. Bless you. Thank you.”

Nature Reserve Burial Grounds

“Thank you for your prompt helpful and good advice – and indeed for your cheery phone chat. Again, thanks a lot.”


“Thank you very much for the lovely job done on Mum’s coffin, it was just as she would have wanted, it’s only a pity she couldn’t see it for herself.”


“Thank you so much for your help with Graham’s coffin – everyone was impressed with it. We could envisage him riding off into the sunset.”


“The Tech at the Mortuary thought it was the best Cardboard coffin they had seen...Praise. Thank you very much for your help and speedy delivery, I hope I do not have to call on your fantastic service anytime soon!”


“Thank you for your help and quick service with Dads coffin. The picture in the brochure does not do it justice. Dad would love it. Many thanks.”


“Thank you ever so much for your assistance in Mums casket. Mum would have loved to see it. Thank you once again and I have no problems in recommending yourselves.”


“Thanks for your friendliness and efficiency.”


“Thank you so much for all the effort that has gone into this on your Companies part.”

“Thank you for making this so simple and for a wonderful service.”

“Thank you for making the coffin. It was well made and received promptly.”


“Many thanks for the lovely coffin & your kind attention.”


“Many thanks on behalf of the family, for your care and compassion and for the excellent quality of the coffin provided.”

Above and beyond the call - Printed in Funeral Service Times, April 2009

In this business many of us go well beyond the call of duty in the name of serving customers/families/our dead – despite the inevitable human error and the perversity of some circumstances that can make it nigh on impossible to give the family what they want.

I write on one instance: On a Wednesday afternoon I ordered a cardboard coffin from Greenfield Creations in Essex. Forest Green, 6ft’ 7”, rope handles, etc- a not uncommon request round these parts these days – for a funeral a week on Friday at noon.

"The coffin duly arrived on the following Monday and I opened it on the Tuesday – nice, but no rope handles. I call Greenfields and they say “no problem, we will put another one on a overnight, and it will arrive Thursday.”

Thursday afternoon, still no coffin…..”we are trying to contact the driver,” they tell me.

Thursday 6.00: “Wheres my coffin?”

“We'll call you back.”

6.15: “ We're coming down with rope handles, see you in the morning.”

Friday, 9.30am Terry arrives in Stroud with rope handles after driving from Essex.

10.30am: job done.

It's exactly what I would expect from someone who makes a mistake, they do everything in their power to remedy the consequences, I didn’t want a free coffin (which, thankfully wasn’t offered), I wanted rope handles like the family asked for, and I got ’em – served up with grace.

Thanks Terry and Will.

Yours Sincerely
James Showers
Funeral Director